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Elections May 2019

Town Council Elections May 2019

The results of the Blandford Forum Town Council elections held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 for two of its five wards are as follows:

Blandford Langton St Leonards Ward (four Councillors)

MIEVILLE, Hugo Anthony (301 Votes – elected)
JACQUES, Cathy (293 Votes – elected)
STEVENS, Colin Robert (297 Votes – elected)
RUSSELL, Doro (218 Votes – elected)
GALPIN, Harold Fredrick (135 Votes – not elected)

The turnout for the election in this ward was 36.85%.

Blandford Central (six Councillors)

QUAYLE, Byron Robert (699 Votes)
CARTER, Roger Ernest Frank (636 Votes)
HITCHINGS, Stephen Geoffrey (575 Votes)
LINDSAY, Lynn Catherine (552 Votes)
HOLMES, Rosemary Jill (469 Votes)
OSBORNE, Pat (455 Votes)
ROBINSON, Dianne Judith (175 Votes – not elected)

The turnout for the election in this ward was 36.31%.

Thank you to all of the candidates and voters for their participation, and commiserations to the candidates who were not elected on this occasion.

The three wards that were uncontested, meaning the number of people who stood for that ward was the amount required and therefore the Councillors are duly elected although an election did not take place, are as follows:

Blandford Badbury Heights – you will be represented by Cllr Lee Hitchings.

Uncontested Election Badbury Heights

Blandford Hilltop – you will be represented by Cllr Haydn White and a new Councillor, Alan Cross.

Uncontested Election Blandford Hilltop

Blandford Old Town – you will be represented by Cllr Peter Clark, Cllr Noc Lacey-Clarke and Cllr John Stayt.

Uncontested Election Old Town


Dorset Council Elections  There was also an election held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 to appoint two Councillors to represent Blandford in the new Dorset Council. Byron Quayle and Noc Lacey-Clarke were elected. For the full results, please visit: A total of 43 Conservatives, 29 Liberal Democrats, 2 Labour, 4 Greens, 4 Independent and 0 UKIP councillors have been elected. This means the Conservatives have control of Dorset Council. The Dorset Council has 82 new councillors, elected to represent its 52 wards.  Councillors elected to Dorset Council will meet for the first time on 16th May when the new council leader and briefholders will be appointed. The agenda will be available here.

Election notices for the Election held on Thursday 2nd May 2019

Notice of Poll – Blandford Central

Notice of Poll – Blandford Langton St Leonards

Blandford Hilltop, Badbury Heights and Old Town ward were uncontested, please find details of the elected members below:

Uncontested Election Blandford Hilltop

Uncontested Election Badbury Heights

Uncontested Election Old Town

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