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Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan

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Dorset Council’s Modifications Statement has now been uploaded to the Council’s website and is available to view via the link below.


The Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which includes Blandford St Mary and Bryanston is undertaking a Modification project to the Made Neighbourhood Plan 2013-2033.

Why? – The Made Plan gives our town and villages some protection from speculative development until 22nd June 2023, subject to Dorset Council continuing to meet certain thresholds. The new planning system continues to support Neighbourhood Plans and will take some time to become operational. The main purpose of pursuing modifications to the Made Plan is therefore to continue to secure the benefit of the protection from speculative development after 22nd June 2023.

B+MNP Modification_Scoping session report


The Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2011 – 2033 was made (adopted) by Dorset Council on 22 June 2021.

Following a majority ‘yes’ vote in the referendum, the decision was taken to make the Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2011  2033 part of the development plan for the Blandford + neighbourhood area.

The decision statement and the ‘made’ Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2033 are available online and will be available to view at the Town Council and Dorset Council’s offices (address below, during normal opening hours when the offices reopen to the public).

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