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There will be elections on 2nd May 2019 for both the Town Council and the new Dorset Council. Individuals will be putting themselves forward for a five year term instead of the usual four years, to align with the Dorset Council.

Following the nominations there will be Elections in the Blandford Central and Blandford Langton St Leonards ward, details of the candidates below:

Contested Election Blandford Central 

Contested Election Blandford Langton St Leonards

Blandford Hilltop, Badbury Heights and Old Town ward were uncontested, please find details of the elected members below:

Uncontested Election Blandford Hilltop 

Uncontested Election Badbury Heights

Uncontested Election Blandford Old Town


Mid-February – the nomination forms and further information are available on the DorsetForYou website
15th March – Notice of Election
18th March to 3rd April at 4pm – Nominations can be received.
4th April – Statement of persons nominated is published
12th April – Last day to register to vote
15th April 5pm – Receipt of postal vote applications. Anyone who is on the register can have a postal vote for any reason, either for an indefinite period, just for this election (helpful if you are on holiday) or away for a period of time (useful for students in temporary accommodation). Electors can download forms from . Please ensure that people do not already have postal votes as a new application may cancel their existing postal vote and give them less time to receive their postal ballot papers in the post.
24th April – Notice of Poll
2nd May – Elections 7am to 10pm
4th May – The count for the Town Council will be held on the Saturday
6th May – Bank Holiday Monday
7th May – First working day after results

The existing Chairman remains in place until 13th May and will preside over the first agenda item.
13th May – Annual meeting of the Town Council

To view The Electoral Commission timetable for local elections in England click here.

Please get in touch if you feel you would like to discuss the role of a Town Councillor, and are considering standing for the Town Council in this year’s elections. Please click here to view the Information Pack for prospective Town CouncillorsThe Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils will be running new councillor courses.

To register to vote, please visit:

Information on purdah can be found at:


Election Expenses

Election expenses must not exceed £740 together with an additional 6p for every entry in the Register of Electors for the Parish/Parish Ward. The Declaration of a Candidate’s expenses must be made by Thursday 30th May 2019 – even if it is a NIL return. It is an election offence to not complete a return. A record must be kept of all spending (invoices and receipts) of £10 or more. Please note that these expenses are not recoverable.

Town Council Wards

The Dorset (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 created the following five wards in Blandford Forum: Blandford Badbury Heights (One Councillor), Blandford Central (Six Councillors), Blandford Hilltop (Two Councillors), Blandford Langton St Leonards (Four Councillors) and Blandford Old Town Ward (Three Councillors).

Information on Ward Boundaries can be found on the Town Council page.




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