Town Clerk's Office, Church Lane, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7AD

Items for hire

The Town Council offers several items for hire. The list below outlines items that are currently available, to use on site, together with prices:

2024/2025 Charges

350xTraffic Cones £0.50 per cone £0.50 per cone refundable  (£5.00 per cone for damaged or missing cones)
25xSafety Beacons £25.00 for all 25 £25 refundable
40xTables  (1.8mx0.7m) £5.00 for 5 tables £100 (for 5 tables) refundable
30xTables (0.9mx0.7m) £3.00 for 5 tables £70 (for 5 tables) refundable
120xPlastic Chairs £1.00 for 10 chairs £50 (for 10 chairs) refundable
160xCushioned Chairs £1.50 for 10 chairs £75 (for 10 chairs) refundable
46xXL Hi-Vis Jackets 50p for 10 jackets £10 (for 10 jackets) refundable
Screen £10.00 £30 refundable
PA System £20.00 £75 refundable

(All prices quoted above are for a period of 3 days and excluding VAT)

Refreshments £1.00
Screen £3.50
Flipchart Stand + Paper £4.50
PA System £6.00

(All prices quoted above are per event/booking and excluding VAT)


Charities Companies
A4 single sided b/w 4p 8p
A4 double sided b/w 6p 11p
A4 single colour 10p 12p
A4 double colour 13p 14p
A3 single b/w 6p 10p
A3 double b/w 9p 13p
A3 single colour 14p 17p
A3 double colour 20p 23p

(All prices quoted above are including VAT)

Prices above are for Blandford Residents/Charities/Organisations. Double for Non Blandford Residents/Organisations

* Please note that the waiver of these charges is at the discretion of the Town Clerk.

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