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War Memorial Rocks

Blandford Remembers

The names of 117 local, fallen servicemen from the Great War 1914-1918, are inscribed on the two war memorials on the Town Hall in the Market Place.

During this centenary year of the Armistice (1918-2018), the Town Council has prepared 117 rocks, one with each serviceman’s name on.

The rocks are being placed at the foot of the war memorials and the public will be invited to come and take them on Sunday 21st October 2018 to hide.

Those who find the rocks are asked to post a picture of the rocks on the Blandford Rocks Facebook Group and to rehide them.

The aim is for those who find a hidden rock to visit this page of the website to find out more information about each serviceman, kindly provided by Dr Peter Reder, so they are no longer just names on a memorial but local men – fathers, sons and brothers – with a story to tell. Further evidence has been provided by William “Bill” Lovell and Mel Pollock.

A J Hall
A J Wedmore
Albert Edwin Haim
Albert Sidney Lane
Albert Victor Hiscock
Alfred Douglas Cherry
Alfred James Hibbs
Alfred John Naylor
Alfred John Skew
Arthur Prince
B Thomas
Bernard John Arscott
Bertram Phillip George Shave
C Holmes
Cecil Edgar Riggs
Cecil Joseph Littler
Cecil Tom Ford
Charles Axford
Charles Bertie Alexander
Charles Carter DSM
Charles Henry Bartlett
Charles Henry Light
Charles Robert Barnett
Charles Seaviour
Charles William Lever
Charles William Symes
Charley Littler
E Parker
Edward Henry Edwin Daniell DSO
Edward John Woodhouse
Edwin Charles Hunt MM
Edwin Horace Bastable
Ernest Henry Hibbs
Ernest Hunt
Ernest Samuel New
Ernest William Montague Bozie
F Brown
F Daniels
F Lane
Francis Edward Lloyd Daniell DSO
Frederick Bertie Stickley
Frederick Charles Lane
Frederick Charles Mantell
Frederick Edward Blandford
Frederick George Pitman
Frederick George Pratt
Frederick Hambro Charles Sims
Frederick Henry Domoney
Frederick John Squibb
Frederick Lithgow Wyatt
Frederick William John Lane
Frederick William Vane
G. Blandford
George Arnold
George Baverstock
George David Hunt
George Herbert Battrick
George Lewis Gould
George Portsmouth
Gerald Humphrey Moore
H J Hall
Harold Edward Kerley DCM
Harry Sherwood Bellows
Henry Fricker
Henry George Parsons
Harry James Lane
Henry John Harding
Herbert George Goddard
Herbert Hole
J Smith
James John Andrews
James John Besent
James Townsend
John Butt
John Henry Read
Justus Watts George
Kenneth Charles Cherry
M B Gilbert
Montague John Wills
Morgan William Bevan
Percival Edward Shave
Percival George Tanswell
Percy James Scott
Reginald Bertie Lane
Reginald Charles Tanswell
Reginald James Tom Daniels
Reginald William Baverstock
Reginald William Durdle
Richard John Tucker
Robert Ingram Richards
Robert James Snelling
Sidney Herbert Ford
Stanley George
Stephen Harold Brown
Steven Henry Lambert
T L Melmouth
Thomas Carter
Thomas Ernest Tucker
Tom Brensley Bartlett
Tom Sidney Holloway
W A Curtis
W Hannam
W J Bond
W Watts
Walter Clark
Walter George Holloway
Wilfred Henry Miles
William Charles Frederick Butler
William Daniel Nobbs
William Edwin Ernest Caines
William George Guy
William Henry Cox
William Jack Glencoe Smith
William John Ball
William John Blandford
William John Eaton
William Joseph Snelling
William Woolridge Clark

Please note there are some anomalies between the spellings on the war memorials and in the book.

Sadly there are no details for 7 of them, other than their names, which are:

A. J. Hall
H. J. Hall
C. Holmes
F. Lane
E. Parker
J. Smith
B. Thomas

In addition, some members of the Blandford Rocks Facebook Group will be arrangingĀ  a Poppy Drop where children can paint poppies onto rocks in Woodhouse Gardens (more details to follow soon).

The Royal British Legion has kindly given permission for the Legion Poppy to be drawn onto each rock.

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