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Town Council Grants

July 19, 2018

Charitable and voluntary organisations can apply to the Town Council for a grant subject to meeting criteria. The next deadline to apply is the 27th November 2019.

The set of criteria and application forms are available from our offices or you can download them below


The Town Council currently has Service Level Agreements in place with local groups/organisations, until 31st March 2022, as follows:

Blandford Youth & Community Centre
£15,000 a year

£4,000 a year

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
£2,500 a year

Town Museum
£2,000 a year

Fashion Museum
£2,000 a year

Blandford Information Centre
£2,000 a year

Blandford Stour Valley Band
£1,500 a year (service provision agreement)

In addition, the Town Council continues to support the Leisure Centre at £50,000 a year.


Last modified: August 29, 2019

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