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Blandford Yuletide Festival

September 18, 2017

Blandford Yuletide Festival 2018

The Blandford Yuletide Festival will be held on Wednesday 12th December 2018. The Organising Group has decided once again to open the Lantern Parade at this year’s event to non-school organisations.  Any adult, children’s or youth group interested in taking part should contact the BYF chairman, Steve Hitchings, at or 01258-455840.

It is also intended to have more street entertainment this year.  Any interested individual or groups wishing to take part should contact the BYF Chairman as above.

For more information please visit the Blandford Yuletide Festival website.

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The Who-What-Why of The Blandford Yuletide Festival

The Blandford Yuletide Festival – Who?

A key aspect of the Blandford Yuletide Festival is that the Group organising the event incorporates representatives from major groups in the town, including Blandford Forum Town Council, Blandford Business Group, Blandford Rotary Club, Blandford Stour Rotary, Blandford Camp, Blandford Churches Together, Blandford Georgian Fayre and The Blandford Schools Network. Many other organisations, such as  Blandford Guides, Scouts, Camera Club and the Masonic Lodges are actively supporting the project. This is a genuine case of bringing the town together to do something wonderful for their town.

The Blandford Yuletide Festival – What?

The Blandford Yuletide Festival was launched in December 2010 as an evening when the town of Blandford Forum could come together to give a focus to the Christmas season for both residents and visitors alike. The Festival attracts  an estimated 4-5000 people each year and includes many different facets, representing the diversity of the life of the town as well as representing the diversity of individuals and groups taking part. This includes a Lantern Parade through the town by pupils from the 8 primary schools in the Blandford Schools Network, led by the Mayor and Father Christmas with music from the Blandford Stour Valley Band. Other events taking place during the evening are Communal Carol Singing, Street theatre, music and dancing, late night shopping alongside Craft and Local Produce Markets and many other attractions. The evening concludes with fireworks, lighting up the centre of the town.

The Blandford Yuletide Festival – Why?

In previous years, several different groups endeavoured to lay on a Late Night Shopping events but there was a feeling that a new type and style of event was needed in order to make such an event a success. Many groups came together at the start of 2010 with the expressed intention to lay on such an event and to make it the sort of evening which would memorable for all who took part in it. The Festival was a phenomenal success with an evening which was laid on by the community for the community and encompassed every part of the diverse community that is Blandford Forum.

The Blandford Yuletide Festival – How?

The events are organised by representatives of diverse aspects of the town’s community using the small surplus from last year’s event and sponsorship from Hall and Woodhouse. Whilst there is no charge for entrance, collectors will invite contributions and it is hoped that the combination of sponsorship and the profits from all the organisations and groups taking part will enable the costs of the evening to be covered with any surplus being used to fund future events.

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